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Introduction to Standen Wolledge's Translating Services

Since our formation in 1980 we have specialised in the legal translation of commercial documents for Solicitors, Banks, Insurance companies, loss adjusters, Accountants and other firms requiring translations in these fields, as well for private clients. We do not provide foreign language tuition, typesetting, artwork, voice-overs etc. or, except on an occasional ad hoc basis, interpreting services. We are translators pure and simple with a good reputation in our specialised subject fields.

We have developed a considerable degree of expertise in the legal translation of many different aspects of law and commerce, e.g.:

  • Contracts: Employment, joint venture, agency, loans.
  • Civil Status Documents: Birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates.
  • Probate
  • Law Summonses, legal opinions and pleadings, judgments and appeals.
  • Financial Bankruptcy and composition proceedings.
  • Property Conveyancing and leases.
  • Commercial: Memoranda and articles of association, share issues and prospectuses, annual accounts, company reports, taxation.
  • Insurance: Personal insurances, fire and marine, life assurance, product information, reinsurance, actuarial documents and claims, including loss adjusters' reports.

The area in which we are most often involved, however, is that of personal injuries compensation claims, where we are able to handle translation of the many different documents generated by these incidents, from initial Police reports, witness statements, criminal charges, correspondence between law firms and insurance companies, accident investigators' and vehicle engineers' reports right through to pleadings, judgments and appeals and matters relating to the final settlement of cases.

Although these tend to involve, for the most part, road traffic accidents, they also include skiing accidents and those of the "slips and trips" variety. Moreover, we are assisted by a team of experienced medical translators, so that the inclusion of hospital admission and discharge reports, clinical and general practitioner records, as well as reports by consultants in the orthopedic and psychiatric fields, form a routine part of our work, along with the opinions of accountants, employment and other experts engaged in determining the value of losses suffered by victims and their families.

English translated to and from

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Flemish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
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